Sharing Jupyter Notebooks with Google Colab

Google Colab offers hosted Jupyter notebooks that are integrated with Google Drive and Github. The customized Jupyter Notebook application has some nice features, and a few quirks, but has one feature that I’ve wanted for years: comments. This version of Jupyter Notebook seems perfect for collaborating on notebooks, which is otherwise very difficult. Here is … Read moreSharing Jupyter Notebooks with Google Colab

Big Data Hackathon Workshop

For this workshop, you will need to install: QGIS. Also, install OpenLayers Tableau Review of Data Sources Data Lists for the Hackathon Census Reporter Healthy Places Index Sangis Planning Database Major Concepts Census, Tracts and Zip Codes Joins: Attribute and Spatial Datasets to load Census Reporter. Median Household Income in the Past 12 Months San … Read moreBig Data Hackathon Workshop

Hacks and Hackers: Support data journalism with data analysis

Test your skills and help SDSU journalism students with a class project.  The Data Library will be helping  SDSU Digital Journalism students with an interesting joint project: students ask data questions, we give data answers, and they write articles. You can test your data skills, and maybe learn a few new skills, by helping to answer … Read moreHacks and Hackers: Support data journalism with data analysis