Pro-Bono & Low Cost Data Wrangling For the COVID Front Line

Do you know Biotech companies, non profits, or other organizations who are working on the front lines of the pandemic who need professional help with managing, cleaning or publishing data? The San Diego Regional Data Library and Civic Knowledge are offering pro-bono and low-cost help with pandemic-related small data projects. Some examples of the work that our professionals and volunteers can do include:

  • Data wrangling, cleaning and analysis.
  • Preparing and publishing data for sharing, public or private
  • Basic data analysis and graphing.
  • Linking to other public datasets, such as demographics

For an example of the kind of work we do, see the Data Library website and our data repository

If you are fighting the virus and need to free up your technical staff from data gruntwork, please contact us:

If you are interested in helping with project requests, please: