Civic Tech Opportunity

If you are interested in civic technology and data, The Atlas is recruiting for a data engineer. The Atlas runs a network for state and local government officials to share best practices, and helps startups sell services to governments. A lot of the system in involves technology case studies that illustrate best practices around tech … Read more

SCALE Urban Innovation Challenge 2021

SCALE Urban Innovation Challenge 2021. Use your data, software and technology skills to help small businesses recover from COVID and thrive in 2021.

Exploring Inequality with Survey Data

For tonight’s meetup about working with survey data to study inequality we will be working with data from the Survey of Consumer Finances in these two Google Colaboratory notebooks: Getting Started with the Survey of Consumer Finance Basic SCL Descriptive Statistics The Data Library also has an extract file of the data used in these … Read more

Getting Started with Crime Analysis

Next Tuesday the Data Library will be hosting a presentation on how to get started with analyzing crime data. This will be a hands-on presentation, with demonstrations using multiple tools, including: Google Colaboratory QGIS Tableau Public If you want to follow along, click on the links above and QGIS and Tableau. For Google Colaboratory, you … Read more

San Diego in Numbers, A Community for Data Questions and Answers

San Diego In Numbers is a project of the San Diego Regional Data Library that aims to help San Diegans get data driven insights about San Diego County. The project collects data questions from nonprofits, journalists and government agencies and organizes student and volunteer professional analysts to answer them. The best answers will be written … Read more

COVID-19 Disaster Depends on the Difference of One Day

One of the simplest models of infection is the SIR model, a set of differential equations that describes how people in a population infect each other and eventually recover, transitioning between three compartments, from Susceptible to Infected to Recovered, although, because the model uses “Recovered” as the category for people who have died, some people … Read more