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The San Diego Regional Data Library works with nonprofits, governments and journalists to answer data driven questions

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Our Data Insights Service is a question and answer forum for data driven insights about San Diego area demographics, environment business and public safety issues. Ask a question for our analysts to solve, or contribute what you know with an answer.

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Visit the Knowledge Base for detailed analysis of social issues, with downloadable Jupyter notebooks.

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How to Write a Good Data Question

Our Insights Service is a Question and Answer site for data questions, to make it easier for civic-minded San Diegans to better understand our local issues. However, it can be difficult to ask a good question that our analysts can answer. Here are some tips for...

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Summer Project Management Intern

For the Spring and Summer of 2018, The Data Library is recruiting a part time intern to support the Summer projects. This position will involve a range of activities that includes community engagement, outreach and project management. Project Management. Work with...

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Summer 2018 Projects and Internships

For Spring and Summer 2018, the Data Library will be hosting summer analysts and data scientists to work on special projects. Special Social Analysis Projects Pursue special projects in social analysis with large, individual-level  datasets like IPUMS, GSS and NLSY....

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Insights: Questions and Answers

Marijuana in San Diego
OpenBrandon Burnette asked 4 days ago • 
21 views0 answers0 votes
Who Gets Stopped By San Diego Police?
Openmac0428 answered 2 weeks ago • 
228 views2 answers2 votes
Minority populations and the 2016 presidential election
Answerederic answered 4 weeks ago • 
51 views1 answers0 votes
College Student Voter Registration
Answerederic answered 4 weeks ago • 
58 views1 answers0 votes
What neighborhoods have the worst drainage systems for rainfall?
Answerederic answered 4 weeks ago • 
54 views1 answers0 votes
Art Commerce in San Diego
Answerederic answered 4 weeks ago • 
66 views1 answers0 votes
San Diego: Natural Area Access
Answerederic answered 1 month ago • 
93 views1 answers1 votes
Car Accidents in San Diego
AnsweredLauren J. Mapp asked 1 month ago • 
81 views1 answers0 votes
Plastic Straws on San Diego beaches
Answerederic answered 1 month ago • 
61 views1 answers0 votes