PyDataLA Presentation

I’m presenting tomorrow at the PyData Los Angeles 2019 conference, on the topic of “Tackling Homelessness with Open Data”. I hope you can join us there, but if not, here is a link to the presentation in multiple formats. If you are following along, you may be interested in our many blog posts on homelessness, … Read more

Downtown Homeless Data Released

After 8 months of hard work form many volunteers and staff, we’re releasing the first version of the Downtown Homelessness Dataset. This dataset has about 41,900 observations of homeless sleepers on 287 blocks in Downtown San Diego, over 62 months.

The dataset is part of our Homelessness Collection. If you’d like to learn how to work on this dataset and the others in the collection, join us for a working session at the next meetup for Data Science for Non Profits, Wednesday 9 October.

Homelessness Data Conversion

The San Diego Data Library is building a detailed data set about Downtown homelessness using 5 years of hand-marked paper maps. The conversion process is human-powered, and we need you help to finish the conversion. When we are finished, we will have a very valuable data for doing detailed analysis of the relationship between unsheltered … Read more

Computer Vision For Greater Good!

Use your Computer Vision skills to tackle homelessness. The Data Library is currently running a data project to convert 5 years of monthly homelessness person locations from scanned paper maps to a geographic dataset. The bulk of the work involves volunteers manually digitizing 350 scanned paper maps in two jobs, but we have enough data … Read more

Downtown Homelessness Dataset Progress

Over the summer we’ve been working on a project to digitize maps of homeless person counts that have been collected over the last 5 years by the Downtown San Diego Partnership. We now have partial results for three neighborhoods, with data positions shown in the map below. We expect to have the dataset complete in … Read more

Exploring San Diego Homelessness

Over the past few months, the Data Library has been involved in several projects to study homelessness in San Diego. The main projects have been: Digitizing 5 years of monthly homelessness counts for Downtown San Diego. Building a collection of data about homeless issues for San Diego and Los Angeles. Last Spring, we got the … Read more

Data for Social Good Workshop: Homelessness and Urban Planning

This is the first in a series of meetings to explore data related to homelessness and urban planning. We will present a broad range of datasets and work together to learn new techniques for data analysis. The data sets we will be using include two collections on the Library data repository: Urban Planning Collection Homelessness … Read more