Municipal Open Data Policies. April 2013. Since 2006, an accelerating number of US cities have made a formal commitment to transparency by requiring publication of government data. This analysis studies ten documents cities have created to publicize and formalize Open Data policies, and includes recommendations for San Diego area governments to create their own policies. 

Data as a Public Good.  March, 2013. Municipal governments control many datasets that are very useful to social services, community planning groups, health advocates, and many other civic and social organizations. This document assesses data needs for these organizations and proposes that municipal governments should commit to publishing these datasets rather than requiring data users to request them.

A Vision For A Shared Data Infrastructure. April 2014. For budget-constrained organizations in government, non profits and journalism, the cost of acquiring data prevents them from ever analyzing the data, so reducing the cost of data is a priority for expanding its use. This series presents a vision for how analysts should acquire and use data to reduce cost and increase the use of data.