SANDAG Transportation Resources

SANDAG Senior Research Analyst Mike Calandra sent us some traffic data updates for our Data As a Public Good report. I’m always thrilled when I get to communicate directly with agency analysts, and having them write to me is like an early Christmas. In our Data as a Public Good report several interviewees reported that … Read more

Python Data Analysis Workshop

I’m spending the morning at Qualcomm for the Python Data Analysis Workshop, run by Dave Cook of the San Diego Python User group. I’m presenting about using Python to analyze crime and census data. If you like pretty pictures, the presentation has plenty of them: Analyzing Crime and Census Data Presentation.

New Data Analysts, Start Here

Here is a youtube channel of videos about data analysis. I’ve only seen a few of them, but they seem like an excellent introduction to data mining, hypothesis generation, prediction and other techniques. Here is a video about what goes wrong with regression, which is often more than what goes right.

Fight Crime with Data

Citizens of any skill level are invited to help us analyze crime in San Diego neighborhoods. Use your knowledge of the community or technical skill to create maps, discover anomalies, and better understand the causes and solutions to crime in San Diego.  Come to the Kickoff meeting by signing up at Crime is always … Read more

San Diego Open Data Day

This weekend, Saturday Feb 23, is International Open Data Day, sponsored by the Open Knowledge Foundation, and it is also Code Across America data, sponsored by Code for America. San Diego is participating, hosted by Open San Diego, and the Library staff will be there to talk about the Library and our Crime Mapping Project. … Read more