Exploring San Diego Crime Data using Python – Workshop

Tonight at Downtown Works,  SCALE San Diego and Open San Diego are hosting a workshop on analyzing crime data with Python, Pandas and Matplotlib. Unlike past analysis we done at the Library on San Diego Crime, this analysis uses data from the San Diego Police, rather than the whole county data from ARJIS, so it is more … Read moreExploring San Diego Crime Data using Python – Workshop

New Crime Data

When we last requested crime data from SANDAG, 3 years ago, it took four months of negotiation to get them to admit they could produce it, and two more months to get the price down to a reasonable amount. Last week when I requested an update, I got one clarification email, then a phone call, … Read moreNew Crime Data

SANDAG / ARJIS Crime File Archive

For the last 5 months, SANDAG has been publishing their crime incident data to the web. The file they publish only stores the last 180 days, and it is a bit hard to find, so we’re archiving the files to our data repository .