2015 Data Contest Winners

We completed our 2015 Data Contest with final presentations and winners at the awards ceremony on Tuesday. Here are the winners and their presentations: UCSD MAS Data Science, Time and Space Analysis of Food Distribution Presentation Narrative irHacker, California Suspensions Presentation Flash and Shadow, A Visual Geographical Study on Location, Availability, Public Transportations and Crime Exposure … Read more 2015 Data Contest Winners

Data Contest Submissions

We completed the 2015 SDSU Data Contest on Saturday, with a fantastic collection of excellent submissions. The Judges are reviewing them now, but until you learn the winners at the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, you can see all of the submissions here. Everyone is welcome at the Awards Ceremony, so follow the link to register. UCSD … Read more Data Contest Submissions

Student Data Analysis Contest

Along with SDSU and Teradata, the San Diego Regional Data Library is running a data analysis contest for San Diego area High School and College students. The contest starts February 28. Top prize is $1200. For complete details and to register, see the contest announcement page.  

Burglary Rhythm Maps

A Rhythm Map is a heat map that displays time in the X and Y dimensions. They are an excellent way to visualize repeating patterns in time, such as how crimes occur by hour and data of week. Here we look at some interesting patterns in burglaries in the City of San Diego. First, here is … Read more Burglary Rhythm Maps

Day/Time Crime Heatmaps

Here is an interactive data application that explores how crime incidents vary over the day of week and time of day. In the checkbox below, select one or more crime types, and the heatmap will show the relative intensity of those crime types over day of week and time of day. There many interesting patterns … Read more Day/Time Crime Heatmaps