Street Sweeping and GPS Data

Last week the Library worked with Wendy Fry at NBC7 to analyze GPS records of street sweeping and parking violations. We haven’t got the data online yet — it’s about 3GB, 11M GPS records — but let us know if you are interested in accessing it.  A condensed version of the data is available as a heatmap of blocks where tickets were issued on days the streets were not swept.

3 thoughts on “Street Sweeping and GPS Data”

  1. This is an issue I’m interested in. I grew up in Clairemont close to Mesa College. The city put up street sweeping signs when I was a teenager but never swept the streets. I also lived in North Park for a few years where this was an ongoing issue. I lived on Polk and Louisiana. Look it up on the map.

  2. Is the map always on time? I got a ticket last night (10/13/2016) and I can’t see a a gps trace for street sweepers!

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