Data for Social Good Workshop: Homelessness and Urban Planning

Heatmap of Homeless Count Positions, Gaslamp District, Downtown San Diego.

This is the first in a series of meetings to explore data related to homelessness and urban planning. We will present a broad range of datasets and work together to learn new techniques for data analysis. The data sets we will be using include two collections on the Library data repository:

Once we get familiar with the datasets, we’ll be soliciting data questions from non-profits, journalists and governments, to be added to our Insights Question and Answer service. Then we can use the datasets to answer important regional social questions.

We’ll be running these meetings with the Data Science for Non-Profits group, in which analysts will be working on their own data analyses. There will be only one event, with both groups combined, but we’ve got a separate event on to keep track of people who are specifically interested in homelessness and urban planning.