Exploring San Diego Homelessness

Over the past few months, the Data Library has been involved in several projects to study homelessness in San Diego. The main projects have been:

Last Spring, we got the first portion of the Downtown homelessness data converted with the help of Kearney High students, and this fall, we’ll be finishing the rest of the data conversion and doing data analysis. If you’d like to participate, you can contact me, or watch for our next project meetup.

For examples of the work we’ll be doing on this project, visit the Civic Knowledge Insights blog, or visit our data collection for the core datasets, or check out the downtown homeless digitization project.

But the best examples of the future work is the past work of last year’s Kearny High students, such as this analysis of homelessness clusters that identified one of the largest clusters as being the result of the Gaslamp 15 theater shutting down. We hope for more of this sort of student analysis next year.