Getting Started with Crime Analysis

Next Tuesday the Data Library will be hosting a presentation on how to get started with analyzing crime data.

Getting Started With Crime Analysis

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020, 7:00 PM

Online event

10 Members Attending

This meeting will present some of the crime data in the Data Library’s collection ( and how to get started creating maps and charts using Python and the open source GIS tool QGIS. We will be looking at datasets that cover: * 6 years worth of detailed crime incident records * A recent data set with both victim …

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This will be a hands-on presentation, with demonstrations using multiple tools, including:

If you want to follow along, click on the links above and QGIS and Tableau. For Google Colaboratory, you can also use Jupyter Notebook, which is usually best to run via Anaconda.

Here are links to the data package we will be using, along with the names of the individual datasets:

If you would like to get a preview, here are there Google Colab notebooks you can run to generate some basic maps, including this map of per-capital assaults, by census tract

Some other datasets collections you might find interesting:

See you next Tuesday!

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