Data Analysis For Your Mission

Sponsor a Project in Our Student Data Analysis Contest

Give your nonprofit, agency or news organization valuable data-driven insights by sponsoring a project at our student data analysis contest. 

The San Diego Regional Data Library, the SDSU Society for Statisticians and Actuaries and Teradata are organizing a data analysis contest to aid nonprofits, journalists and government agencies in making better use of data, develop a broader regional capacity for data analysis, and introduce students interested in data analysis to future employers.

Contestant teams will have one week in early March 2015 to answer a set of data-driven questions and visualize the results for one of four projects. Each project will be provided by a nonprofit, government agency or news organization.

The contest will be announced in early January, primarily to college students. For a month before the contest begins, the San Diego Regional Data Library will run a special session of its Practical Data Program to train contestants on using data, Python, R, and IPython to analyze data.

If you are interested in being involved in the contest, as a project sponsor, mentor or contestant, visit the overview page or contact Eric Busboom at, or (619) 363-2607.