Getting San Diego County citizens involved in data is a major part of our mission, so there are a lot of ways to volunteer. You don’t need to be a statistician; we’re looking for people with a number of different skills, including:


Technical Skills

  • Excel: Most data preparation requires nothing more than Excel. If you are good at Excel, you are a techie!
  • Data analysis: Includes statistical analysis,¬†exploratory¬†analysis, and predictive analytics.
  • Programming: Ranging from data extracting and processing to visualization and GIS ¬†programs.
  • Visualization: Anything that puts data into a picture.



Non-Technical Skills

  • Talking to nonprofits and analyzing their needs.
  • Organizing and promoting data events.
  • Moderating the forum.
  • Finding data and cataloging it in the repository.


If you’d like to contribute, like our Facebook page or join our email list, and we’ll announce specific opportunities as they arise.