San Diego Business Lending Analysis

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Mission Driven Finance is a San Diego impact investment fund that provides loans to nonprofits, social enterprises, and businesses that benefit the San Diego community.  MDF is interested in helping businesses understand the regional lending landscape and advocating for improvements to make it easier for businesses that have a hard time getting financing to be able to get the money they need to grow.

This project will explore:

  • Characterizing the state of small and medium business (SMB) lending in SD County.
  • Visualizing regions of the county by Credit Score, similar to this map.
  • Demographic analysis of SMB lending

More details about the project are in the project wiki and the Initial Questions document.

How To Participate

We will probably start project meetings in October, but may get started with wrangling data before then. The first step is to Register for an account at our Redmine Project Site, and I’ll add you to the project. If you already have a Redmine account, just send me an email and I’ll add you.

Team meetings will be posted to our site, our Google Calendar,  and to mailing lists. We’ll probably have our first meetings to get started in October.