How to Join a Project

Here are a few things you’ll need to do to join one of the Data Library’s projects

  • Join our meetup group. is the primary location for posting project meetings and collecting RSVPs.
  • Create a Github account. You’ll need a Github account username for your Redmine account.
  • Join the management site:
    • Some projects are managed on Redmine, so you’ll need to register an account on Redmine
    • Simpler, less formal projects  have a website with a link to a Google forum for the group.
  • Install a Python data science environments, which must include Jupyter. For most people, the second easiest way to do this is to install Anaconda. The easiest is to use Google Colaborator
  • Send an email about which project you are interested in to the project manager,  Eric Busboom

Attending regular project meetings is valuable, not strictly required; there are plenty of activities that you can find and complete from Redmine tickets.