New Data Projects: College, Hunger and Homelessness

We will soon be getting started with three new data projects:

For the San Diego Hunger Coalition, we will be collecting a lot of datasets, combining them into a package, and supporting the SDHC staff in data analysis. The project will involve a lot of data sleuthing and wranging. For Reality Changers, we will be building an analysis data package form a collection of Google spreadsheets, then analysing student performance.  For San Diego Downtown Partnership we will be digitizing 5 years of monthly homelessness count maps, then analyzing the changes in downtown homelessness and the relationship between homelessness presence and land use.

If you’d like to join one of these projects, be sure to join one of our announcement channels: our Meetup group, the mailing list, Facebook, or Twitter, all linked from our Contact page. I’ve got a bit more project initiation tasks, then we will send out complete announcements for each project, later this week.