Hacks and Hackers: Support data journalism with data analysis

Test your skills and help SDSU journalism students with a class project. 

The Data Library will be helping  SDSU Digital Journalism students with an interesting joint project: students ask data questions, we give data answers, and they write articles. You can test your data skills, and maybe learn a few new skills, by helping to answer some of the questions. Over the next week, the students will be formulating interesting questions about San Diego business, demographics, environment, traffic and other issues. They’ll submit the questions to our Data Insights Question and Answer service, where we will answer the data questions. Then, the students will write news articles about the insights.

If you’d like to work on data questions, we’ll be meeting regularly:

This is a great opportunity to improve your data skills,  learn more about important San Diego issues, and help train journalists. Hope you can join us.