Data And Analysis For Civic and Social Development

The San Diego Regional Data Library works with nonprofits, governments and journalists to answer data driven questions

Water Quality Data Project

Help build a water quality data repository for exploring one of our most important environmental issues. We’ll be collecting data to create statistical analyses and try to predict beach closures. See the announcement post for details.


Project Management Intern

The Data Library is recruiting a project management intern for a paid summer position. See the position posting for how to apply. 

Knowledge Base

Visit the Knowledge Base for detailed analysis of social issues, with downloadable Jupyter notebooks.

Connect With The Library

Follow us on Facebook, subscribe through Twitter, join meetings at, or join our mailing list.


SDSU Big Data Hackathon

Big Data Hackathon on Oct 3 at 9AM at SDSU! On October 3, the Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age will host a Big Data Hackathon at San Diego State University. Contestants will use data analysis and programming to solve civic problems related to water...

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Maienschein Mandates Machine Readability

Finally, our legislators are getting below the surface of the Open Data issue and addressing one of the deeper plains: Open Data is nearly useless when it is delivered in PDF. To address this problem, our very own Brian Maienschein (well, the inland "us" ) has...

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2015 Data Contest Winners

We completed our 2015 Data Contest with final presentations and winners at the awards ceremony on Tuesday. Here are the winners and their presentations: UCSD MAS Data Science, Time and Space Analysis of Food Distribution Presentation Narrative irHacker, California...

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Data Contest Submissions

We completed the 2015 SDSU Data Contest on Saturday, with a fantastic collection of excellent submissions. The Judges are reviewing them now, but until you learn the winners at the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, you can see all of the submissions here. Everyone is...

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Data Contest Hangouts

Here is the schedule for the data contest hangouts this week. The next one is Monday at noon, and will present tips on accessing data from the Ambry databases. We'll be broadcasting these events via Hangouts on Air. Visit our Google+ Page to attend the...

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Data Contest Links

The SDSU Data Contest Kickoff is tomorrow! Better register if you haven't already. Here are all of the last minute details. Time and Location: Petersen Gym, SDSU, Room 153, 1:00 PM Parking: Parking Structure 5 ( PS5 )  Full Schedule. Before: Register for the contest...

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Prepare Your Data Contest Toolkit

To get ready for the Data Contest, you'll want to ensure that your laptop already has installed on it all of the tools you'll need. There is a set of tools that we use in most of our programs, and it will serve as a good base for your contest toolkit. These tools are:...

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Data Contest in 10 Days!

The SDSU / Data Library Data Contest has teamed up with UCSD, Python User Group and several Data Science User's groups to now offer a full day event with two morning tutorials (R and Python) a mid-day exhibition with many Data Science projects and software demos, an...

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Tools for the Data Contest

The Student Data Contest is in less than two weeks, so it's time to get your tools ready. If you are a student and want a shot at $2,100 in prizes, signup for the contest.  One of the best tools available for quickly visualizing data is Tableau, and best of all, if...

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When Average Fails: Bimodal Distributions

Probably the most common statistic that people deal with is the average, which can often be a good approximation of the typical or general case. However, there are many cases where the average fails, and the most extreme example I've seen in recent data is lawyers'...

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