Data for Social Development

The San Diego Regional Data Library works with nonprofits, governments and journalists to answer data driven questions

Data Insights

Our Data Insights Service is a question and answer forum for data driven insights about San Diego area demographics, environment business and public safety issues. Ask a question for our analysts to solve, or contribute what you know with an answer.

Data Repository

The Data Repository holds data packages for a wide variety of topics, and larger collections for Education and Urban Planning

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Blog Posts

Civic Tech Opportunity

If you are interested in civic technology and data, The Atlas is recruiting for a data engineer. The Atlas runs a network for state and local government officials to share best practices, and helps startups sell services to governments. A lot of…

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Getting Started with Crime Analysis

Next Tuesday the Data Library will be hosting a presentation on how to get started with analyzing crime data. This will be a hands-on presentation, with demonstrations using multiple tools, including: Google ColaboratoryQGIS Tableau Public If you want to follow along,…

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