What Land In San Diego County is Publicly Owned?

InsightsCategory: DemographicsWhat Land In San Diego County is Publicly Owned?
eric Staff asked 2 years ago

From Omar Passons, via twitter:

I’d like @OpenSanDiego or @SDGIS to publish GIS maps of the publicly owned land within city limits so we as San Diegans can start advocating FOR homeless housing in appropriate spaces in our neighborhoods across the city.

… I’m not only interested in city-owned land within the city limits, I’m interested in ALL publicly owned land – City, SDUSD, Caltrans, etc. This is a custom inquiry that involves several data layers so I’ll need to find a deeper solution

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eric Staff answered 2 years ago

The City Real Estate Division publishes an ArcGIS map of city owned property.

The City Data Portal also has a few related files.
SANGIS has the geo data for publically owned — city, federal, state, military, caltrans, etc — land in Land Use/LAND_OWNERSHIP_SG.ZIP ( Login required before clicking link ) Here is the map of this file, colored for the type of owner:

Here is the land, and owners, just for the City of San Diego:

This map is also available as an interactive web map that can be zoomed into specific properties and locations.
There is also a SANGIS file for City owned land which has a lot more information than the LAND_OWNERSHIP_SG file, but it duplicates regions in the LAND_OWNERSHIP_SG, so combining the teo would take some GIS work.