InsightsCategory: DemographicsHow well do HOLC risk grades correlate with current housing prices?
eric Staff asked 7 months ago

In the 1930’s, HOLC, the Home Owners Loan Corporation, produced maps of investment risk for urban areas. These maps are frequently used today in discussions about redlining and housing discrimination:

It is often suggested that high-risk areas from the HOLC maps are currently also have lower values, but this is apparently an ad-hoc observation.

How well do these areas actually correlate to current housing value?

QA Admin Staff replied 7 months ago

The answer should probably involve a multi-class logistic regression.

QA Admin Staff replied 7 months ago

PolicyMap has HOLC maps in GIS formats. They also have income maps, so this question could be answered entirely from PolicyMap.

QA Admin Staff replied 7 months ago

T-RACES also has boundary data.