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eric Staff answered 2 years ago

This question is probably not possible to answer completely with publically available data, because voter registrations voting records are not public. However, the Census Current Population Survey asks questions about voting and registration. It is possible to get the microdata, the individual question responses, but the geography in the responses is very coarse; they don’t publish city or neighborhood, just regiion of the country.
Working with the microdata is difficult, but the Census also publishes compiled tables that may be useful. , although the latest available data is for the 2016 election.
Specifically, Table 5. Reported Voting and Registration by Age, Sex, and Educational Attainment: November 2016, for the ages of 18 to 24, may have the information you want.
The California Secretary of State has a webpage with linds to voter registration statistics, and the Health Places Index as a voting column that reports, per census tract, the percentage of registered voters voting in the 2012 general election