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Brandon Burnette asked 2 years ago

Q: Where in San Diego is art most purchased ? Which area in San Diego currently has the most flourishing art economy, or where in San Diego is art commerce most booming?

eric Staff replied 2 years ago

This could be a tough one to answer. My first guess would be to look at the Active Business file,, but that will only tell you that an art-related business exist not how much it sells. That’s probably the best we can do.

eric Staff replied 2 years ago

The Active Businesses file uses NAICS codes to classify businesses, The code 45392 is for art galleries.

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eric Staff answered 2 years ago

It is difficult to answer the question as stated, because art galleries and other art sellers do not report their earnings to any agency that reports the numbers. It may be possible to find an industry survey, but I could not find one. However, it is fairly easy to find the locations of art galleries, in the San Diego City Active Business List. Conveniently, the businesses are listed by the Federal Government’s NAICS, the official code for classifying businesses, and code 45392 is for art galleries.

If you link the art galleries into San Diego planning communities, these are the top comminites by number of art galleries:

| name | count |


| LA JOLLA | 10 |

| DOWNTOWN | 7 |


| NAVAJO | 4 |

| MIRA MESA | 3 |





| OTAY MESA | 2 |