Data And Analysis For Civic and Social Development

The San Diego Regional Data Library works with nonprofits, governments and journalists to answer data driven questions

Water Quality Data Project

Help build a water quality data repository for exploring one of our most important environmental issues. We’ll be collecting data to create statistical analyses and try to predict beach closures. See the announcement post for details.


Project Management Intern

The Data Library is recruiting a project management intern for a paid summer position. See the position posting for how to apply. 

Knowledge Base

Visit the Knowledge Base for detailed analysis of social issues, with downloadable Jupyter notebooks.

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Age-Friendly Communities

Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform (CARR) works to improve the quality of  residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE)  by making public RCFE records and reports...

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Age Friendly Communities Project

At tomorrow night's meeting, we'll be kicking off two new data projects. The first is the Health Food Access project, previously announced, and the second is the Age Friendly Communities project, for which we've just posted the project page. In this project we will...

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Wrangling Data For Social Projects

Next week we'll be kicking off two new data projects, and a big part of these projects will be finding data, documenting it, and preparing it in a consistent way for analysis, a process known as data wrangling. I've been developing software for wrangling social data...

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Wanted: Data Library Project Manager

The Library has been quiet lately, mostly because the Director doesn't have time to properly manage projects, and because he's not very good at it. So, we'd like to find a volunteer to manage projects.  This is a volunteer role that would involve: Talking to...

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Healthy Food Access Data Library Project

Collect and analyze data about the food system in San Diego county. The San Diego Food System Alliance's Healthy Food Access Working Group is developing an indicator library to analyze food access issues, and we need your help to locate datasets, wrangle them into...

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Crime and Community Data Challenge

To announce the arrival of a new set of crime data, our next meetup will be a mini data contest, with a $100 prize for the best student analysis. In this meeting, we will present the new Crime Incident dataset and talk about how to link it to other social datasets....

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New Crime Data

When we last requested crime data from SANDAG, 3 years ago, it took four months of negotiation to get them to admit they could produce it, and two more months to get the price down to a reasonable amount. Last week when I requested an update, I got one clarification...

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Data Project Context: Journalism vs Nonprofits

The Data Library works primarily with journalists and nonprofits, but until recently, I hadn't fully realized how different the processes are in these two environments. We'd been following two different processes, but didn't have names for them, so it is worthwhile to...

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Street Sweeping and GPS Data

Last week the Library worked with Wendy Fry at NBC7 to analyze GPS records of street sweeping and parking violations. We haven't got the data online yet -- it's about 3GB, 11M GPS records -- but let us know if you are interested in accessing it.  A condensed version...

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