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Our Data Insights Service is a question and answer forum for data driven insights about San Diego area demographics, environment business and public safety issues. Ask a question for our analysts to solve, or contribute what you know with an answer.

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The Data Repository holds data packages for a wide variety of topics, and larger collections for Education and Urban Planning

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Where San Diego Parties

San Diego’s computerized street lamps reveal that San Diegans party where they should be working.

Sharing Jupyter Notebooks with Google Colab

Google Colab offers hosted Jupyter notebooks that are integrated with Google Drive and Github. The customized Jupyter Notebook application has some nice features, and a few quirks, but has one feature that I’ve wanted for years: comments.…

New and Current Projects

New data projects: Homeless, Building a path to college, and eliminating student hunger.

Data Questions

Marijuana in San Diego
OpenBrandon Burnette asked 8 months ago • 
331 views0 answers0 votes
How well do HOLC risk grades correlate with current housing prices?
Openeric asked 11 months ago • 
293 views0 answers0 votes
Are Costal Bacteria Measures Correlated with Algal Blooms?
Openeric asked 11 months ago • 
216 views0 answers0 votes
What are the Most Polluted Creeks and Streams in San Diego?
Openeric asked 11 months ago • 
277 views0 answers0 votes