San Diego Data Knowledge Base

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We’re working on building a new knowledge base, a collection of example Jupyter notebooks related to projects the Library has been working on.  The notebooks include detailed analyses using Jupyter, Python, Pandas and other tools, with most of the notebooks covering  crime and demographics. For instance, the Demographics and Business Loans notebooks shows how to fetch American Community Survey data and create a radius around the highest minority area in San Diego, displaying it a Leaflet Map:

Or, from the San Diego Police Calls For Service, a rhythm map of reports of loud parties, by neighborhood.


Loud Party Rhythm Map

Each of the notebooks includes a link to our example notebooks github repository, so you can also get the full source and run them yourself.


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Explore Society with Social Data

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Tonight we’ll be meeting to talk about two important collections of survey data, The General Social Survey (GSS) and a broad collection of integrated survey datasets, Additionally, we’ll be meeting with David Lynn, founder of Mission Driven Finance, to talk about his volunteer data project to analyze business lending to minorities in San Diego county.

In the main meeting, I’ll show how to use the web-analysis tools for the GSS and IPUMS. You can visit those sites now to explore a bit, and it would be worthwhile for you to create an account before the meeting. Here are the important URLs:

We’ll aso talk about some of the details of how surveys are constructed and how to use them. When we’re finished, you’ll be ready to explore important social questions, such as how people’s optimism for the future varies according to home many children they have, or whether cat owners are smarter than dog owners. ( Seriously, that’s in the GSS! )

Hope to see you tonight.

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Pro Bono Data Analysis This Summer

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Disadvantaged Student Performance

For Summer of 2017, The San Diego Regional Data Library will be running a data internship program, working on pro-bono data analysis projects for nonprofits, governments and journalists in San Diego County. If your organization has questions that can be answered with data, you can have an undergraduate data analyst work on your project, with professional guidance, for up to 12 weeks.

Project sponsors must be able to describe their needs as a set of questions that can be answered with available data, and must be able to meet with the interns at their site for 1 hour per week. Projects must have a social goal or benefit.

We’re currently running two projects, and expect to be running three or four more this summer.

If your organization needs data analysis this summer, please contact the Data Library Director, Eric Busboom at (619) 363-2607 or

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Healthy Food Access Data Library Project

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Project Management Site

Collect and analyze data about the food system in San Diego county.

The San Diego Food System Alliance’s Healthy Food Access Working Group is developing an indicator library to analyze food access issues, and we need your help to locate datasets, wrangle them into useable shape, and create visualizations.

The work is similar to the topics of our March 2015 Data Contest, with additional work of building a reusable data library to perform additional analysis.

This project needs volunteers with a range of skills, including:

  • Administration and logistics: Call potential data providers, locate datasets, and arrange meetings and events.
  • Data wranglers: People skilled with either Excel or Python to manipulate datasets.
  • Data analysts: Data analysis who know R or Python/Pandas.

We will be starting with a list of potential datasets, from which we will construct Ambry Data Bundles. We can load the bundles into a data library. Then we can do visualizations and analysis, such as this map from a project at Palomar College.

How To Participate

Register for an account at our Redmine Project Site, and I’ll add you to the Health Food Access Data Library.


Team meetings will be posted to our site, our Google Calendar,  and to mailing lists. We’ll have our first meetings to get started in mid December.


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SDSU Big Data Hackathon

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Big Data Hackathon on Oct 3 at 9AM at SDSU!

On October 3, the Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age will host a Big Data Hackathon at San Diego State University. Contestants will use data analysis and programming to solve civic problems related to water conservation, disaster recovery and crime prevention.  Visit the Devpost website for details and to register,  or hit Github for the tech details and data.


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